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  • Remember this one?? Spike Jones!

    from Michael

  • from Colin


    YOu gals are really incredible! i hope to dance/choreograph with yall one day. oxox colin self

    from Colin

  • from Automal

  • from BRIGHID

  • from BRIGHID

  • audio: submissions/02_Formations.mp3
    (embedded player coming soon)

    "Mileece Harnesses Living Plants to Make Music"

    from Brighid

  • Soundtrack

    from Brighid

  • from Brighid

  • from Yulia

  • from Mihow (via Jared)

  • Chair Dance Contest Winner

    from Sarah Skye Archer

  • inspiration for costume. album art from Quadron's "Slept On"

    from michael

  • from Rose Hips

  • from Jerr Bear

  • from Mr. Lynch

  • from The UK

  • from Michael

  • impossibility more real than truth 

    from cysnail

  • table the label!

    from Michael


    from chris lael larson

  • Seraphima Astafiena and her cabaret, 1922 by Carson Ellis. I love the armpit hair so much. Oh, these Russians.

    from may juliette barruel

  • I am my self
    because that is all I can be

    from Richard Schemmerer

  • from Anson Smith

  • from Katie Rey

  • from Jack beno

  • NBA player Allen Iverson turning sharply, his momentum putting a huge amount of stress on his foot and ankle. It's beautiful and dancers never seem to do that.

    from Melvin Belli

  • Dancers from the National Ballet of China performs the "Red Detachment of Women" ballet at the Tanggu Great Theater, part of the celebration of China's 60th anniversary, in Tianjin, September 26, 2009. The "Red Detachment of Women" is a full-length Chinese ballet depicting a peasant woman's journey into the PLA, combining Western dance style with Chinese cultural elements. (REUTERS/Jason Lee)

    from Saggy Ribbons

  • from kan

  • 2 different inspirations in one:
    1) with sound
    2) without

    from Leif Sundstrom

    Linda Austin, Ray Chung, John Dixon, Mary Ganzon, Tom Giebink, Nora Hajos, Lila Hurwitz, Karen Nelson, and Steve Paxton performing Lisa Nelson's Tuning Score.

    from Ilostmy Trainof Thought

  • Lori and George Schappell, one of the oldest pairs of conjoined twins. We saw them in Amsterdam- but I was too shy to meet them. LOOOOOVVVEE!

    from RR

  • Here is an image we found on the web of a flock of starlings.
    Just a little something we find haunting and beautiful, and is a
    recurring dream image for Kathleen.

    from Woolly

  • from baby max

  • from michael

  • from michael