Rikki Rothenberg

Rikki Rothenberg is a visual and performance artist.  A native of Marblehead, MA, Rothenberg earned her BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2004.  In 2005 she moved to Portland, OR, where Woolly was formed.  Rothenberg grew up practicing Ballet and later studied Authentic Movement, Contact Improvisation, Alexander Technique, Body Mind Centering, Contemporary Technique and site specific improvisation.  Simultaneously, Rothenberg has continued her visual arts practice, focusing most recently on work using glitter to create precise and detailed large-scale paintings. Rothenberg has been shown in group and solo exhibitions in Portland, and is represented by Nationale.   For both her performance and visual work Rothenberg regularly sources direct images and choreography as well as subtle inspiration from her dreams-- nature, the psyche, human relationships and emotions are also large places of exploration.  Rothenberg begins a graduate program in Counseling Psychology focusing on Jungian and Depth Psychology the fall of 2012.  

Rikki  Rothenberg