Kathleen Keogh

Kathleen Keogh's focused presence as a performer draws the spectator in, as well as her clear intent and attention to each moment, whether tiny or large.  Her commitment to and natural affinity for experimentation has resulted in a number of works that range between carefully thought-out group or solo compositional structures and ad hoc performance events.  As a multi-disciplinary performance artist based in Portland, Oregon, she has primarily employed dance, theater, and music in her work.  Kathleen has been active in the NW performance community since she relocated from Arizona in 1999, where she received a Bachelor of Arts at Prescott College, with a Major in Performing Arts, under the tutelage of Delisa Myles. 

Drawing from her experiences in movement and sound improvisation, Authentic Movement, Contact Improvisation, choreography, and theater, she has crafted a unique presence in Portland's performance community with her collaborators in Woolly Mammoth Comes to Dinner.  With Woolly, Kathleen had the great fortune of teaching and performing at the Performatica Festival in Cholula, Mexico in April 2008. 

As a solo and collaborative artist, she has performed in Vancouver, Canada and throughout the Western and the Northeastern United States, in places such as Blim, The Marsh, 21 Grand, ABC No-Rio, Movement Research, Massachusetts College of Art, and Western Washington University, as well as in cafes, parks, alleys, galleries, and living rooms.  She has performed at the Seattle Improvised Music Festival (SIMF) and The Olympia Festival for Experimental Music, both as a dancer and sound artist.  Additionally, she has performed in Portland's Time Based Art Festival with Linda Austin (Portland), Jennifer Monson (NYC), and Vivarium Studio (France).

Over the years, she has immensely enjoyed dancing in productions by Margery Fairchild and Elizabeth Ward (The Whipping Hand), Linda Austin (Edge of the Fell and Circus Me Around) and Linda K. Johnson (Promenade).  In 2005 and 2006, she produced and directed her own mini-festival for improvised music and dance, the Food + Shelter Festival, here in Portland.  Kathleen has taught movement and sound improvisation at Conduit Dance and at The Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation (SFDI).  In 2009, Kathleen co-founded a dance class series with Noelle Stiles, called Heavy Rotation, and presented a solo performance series in her apartment every Wednesday morning for the month of April, which also employed a video component and live video feed. 


photo:  Jeff Forbes

Kathleen  Keogh